What Steps can you take in Adding Herbs to the Cook Pot

Do you wish to cook some herbs? Adding Herbs to the Cook Pot has a specific steps and time to do so.

You get these steps on Adding Herbs to the Cook Pot for better output.

What are the raw Materials here? The Herbs from your gardens can help a lot in medicinal fields and healing of all kinds of sickness in the world today.

What are Medicinal Herbs?

These are herbs which are for healing”Drugs”. Most English Drugs today where gotten as a result of Medicinal Local Herbs. Here’s tips on Adding Herbs to the Cook Pot for medical and other reasons;

Adding Herbs to the Cook Pot

Boiling water can be a challenge to the beginning cook. Add some herbs to that pot of water and you have the basis for a great soup. Any dish can be enhanced with the use of herbs. Their natural fragrance and flavor just add that perfect blend to make a meal complete.

Adding Herbs to the Cook Pot

Herbs like oregano and basil are the base of many Italian dishes. Cilantro and Cumin are what make Mexican dishes taste so authentic. More exotic spices like allspice and ginger can add beauty to the kitchen as well as tasteful treats to the mouth.

There is a difference between using fresh and dried herbs in cooking. The fresh herbs add a delicate flavor. The essential oil is not as concentrated as it is in the dried herbs. The general rule of thumb when using dried herbs is 1 teaspoon dried to 1 tablespoon fresh herbs.

What Steps can you take in Adding Herbs to the Cook Pot?

Here are some herbs and their uses in cooking




Angelica Jellies , Drinks, CandiesBiennial
Basil Sauces , Casseroles, SaladsAnnual
Bay LaureSoups, Sauces, SeafoodAnnual (unless indoors)
Bay LaureChives Salads, Soups, Cheeses, EggsPerennial
DillSoups, Salads, SaucesAnnual
FennelMeats, Baking, Fish, SausageAnnual
Lemon BalmSalads, Teas, SaucesPerennial
MarjoramSoups, Sauces, VegetablesAnnual
Mint(s)Teas, Jellies, CandiesPerennial
OreganoItalian foods, SaucesPerennial
ParsleySalads, Garnish, SaucesAnnual
RosemaryMeats, Sauces, LambAnnual
SageSausages, Fish, CasserolesPerennial
SavoryStuffingsPerennial (annual in cold)
SteviaBeverages, Sauces, SoupsPerennial
TarragonSalads, Fish, MeatsPerennial
ThymeStuffings, Soups, MeatsPerennial
Verbena (lemon)Stir fries, TeasAnnual


More you need before Adding Herbs to the Cook Pot

Before you start or reach the stage of Adding Herbs to the Cook Pot I believe you have done or read these steps too;

  • Introduction to Herbs 
  • Herbs in the Kitchen 
  • Growing Herbs 
  • Collecting Herbs 
  • Drying Herbs 
  • Storing herbs 

Do not limit yourself to this list. Experiment, discover, experience! ⇐Read more

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