Basic Ingredients Of Happiness – Top 5 Review You Need

Basic 5 ingredients of happiness and how to secure it. Now before we go on in this page I have to, first of all, tell u what happiness is all about.

Basic Ingredients Of Happiness

Happiness is an emotional state of being pleasant when you are OK with your surroundings, personal well being.

However, many people today become happy not because there is a force to be happy, but because of the satisfaction they gain from what is around them.

Nowadays, large numbers of people in our society, find it very difficult to secure happiness, though there are ingredients of happiness, that when you secure them you will begin to enjoy your life unstop.

Top 5 List of Basic Ingredients to Happiness

Basic Ingredients Of Happiness

Below is the list of five [5] ingredients of happiness.

  1. comfortable job
  2. self-reliance
  3. money
  4. good health
  5. good relationship

1.Comfortable Job

You become job comfortably whenever what you do, goes smoothly, not had but pays. However, when you have a good pay job without stress, this will definitely make you happy unlike when you have a job not being paid well, that will denial you being happy. or when you don’t have a job at all.


There are numerous means in which one would use to attract happiness, but self-reliance as one of the basic ingredients that will secure you unstoppable happiness in life. here you will make your own decision, accept your responsibilities, you don’t compare your self to others around you, also take care of yourself your own way. Now when these above this mentioned are in place you secure one of the ingredients of happiness.


Life becomes so difficult for people when there don’t have money to solve their problems but when have any problem that needs the money and there is money for to affect it at least little then you ave secure happiness for yourself.

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Most times, people said that money answer all problems. Now the reason is that, when you have a problem and you don’t have money to take care of it, you will be unhappy. but when you have money to solve your problem that will constantly make you happy, and emotionally satisfied

4. Good Health

When you are in the state of complete emotional and physical well being, this will attract your comfort to engage in any life activities that will fetch you happiness, and as a resource for living a full life.

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You will be emotionally convincing, to live long and enjoy your wealth. Also, this will make happiness. yes, when someone is is mental, physically,  healthy will be changed to achieve his or her goal, in life but when your metal or physically sick definitely you are not going to achieve your goals.

5. Good Relationship.

Happiness will always be when you have a good relationship,  Here are things that make up this good relationship. like when your spouse is able to respect you, being loyal, honest, truthful, communicative, etc. then you have one of the basic ingredients of happiness.

In Summary

It’s very cool that Most people this that it is Only Money and Love that can give them all the happiness they need on earth today but that is not true.

See I know of people that have excess Money but they are not happy and I still Know of people who have lovely partners but still they are not happy. well, I still know of People who have both Money and Love but still not happy.

Happiness is not Just a Thing but a group of things that can lead you to where you are going today, which you can make available to you with the above Basic 5 ingredients of happiness here.

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