Crusader Sterling Pension | Enjoy your retirement when you save with us today

The Crusader Sterling Pension bring to you a Retirement Savings Account (RSA). It is a Contribution Plan require under the Pensions Reform Act 2014.

Crusader Sterling Pension

It can be open by every employee in any organization or society with 3 staff or more.

Staff will therefore open and maintain a personal Retirement Savings Account (RSA),

In their own names after which they would be issued a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) by the National Pensions Commission.

Crusader Sterling Pension description

Pension is an income received by a person during retirement,

when he/she stopped working because of having reached certain age or based on health condition in order to cater for his/her needs at old age.

A pension may also be defined as a benefit plan, where a fixed sum is available at retirement age. Pensions should not be confused with severance pay; the former is usually paid in regular installments for life after retirement,

while the later is typically paid as a fixed amount after involuntary termination of employment prior to retirement.

It is a regular payment during a person’s retirement from an investment fund or account

to which the person and their employer(s) contributed during their time as an active member of the labour force

Monthly deductions and remittances of 10% and 8% of total monthly emolument are contributed by the employer and employee respectively into the RSA.

Crusader Sterling Pension and Their Aim

The main aim for the crusader sterling pension is to ensure that upon retirement, loss of job, invalidity or death,

employees under the scheme would have access to some income through the various pension options.

Funds under the scheme are invested on behalf of the Contributors.

Our Retirement Savings Account (CPL Value Fund) has consistently provided superior returns (relative to competition) on investment for all our contributors for the past eight years.

In line with regulations governing the administration of the Pensions industry,

The employee covered under scheme is to complete an RSA registration form from a PFA,

and will be forward to the National Pension Commission (PENCOM) for generation of Personal Identification Number (PIN).

The employee subsequently, are to submit the PIN to the company’s HR/Finance department for purpose of making monthly remittance.

Registration Certificate that contains Personal Identification Number (PIN), Account number and welcome letter is issued to employee for retention.

Crusader Sterling Pension is now inviting you to join on this teeming Contributors.

You will now take an advantage of their exceptional service delivery, fund security and superior returns on pension fund management.

Having a pension plan is one of the most secure insurance policies for your future upon retirement, and it is important that when you are about to start a new job, you ensure that a pension plan is part of your package

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