Regional Search Engines – Effective Search Engines serve different countries

Almost all Search Engines serve different countries’ Regional Search Engines ‘. Search Engines do list content from other countries but most of the content that is listed is either US or UK dominated content.

Regional Search Engines

Regional Search Engines overview

With this in mind, most popular Search Engines have started deploying regional editions that serve only a specific country. For instance, Google has an Indian, South Africa and other countries edition (e.g,,, etc …) that caters to the Indian audience.

Types of Regional Search Engines

Given below are some of the types of Search Engine Regional Editions.

Regional Interface is nothing but a translated version of the main Search Engine. Many Search Engines have interfaces in different languages such as French, German, Spanish, Japanese etc.

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However, the only difference between these regional interfaces and the main version of the Search Engine is that the language used on the interface is not English. In other words, if you search using a keyword on both the interfaces, the listings are exactly the same.

Regional Interfaces are aimed at an audience that does not understand English.

Human Categorization, as the name suggests, is categorization of websites by human beings. Search Engine employees categorize different websites into regional listings. Websites that are more relevant to a specific country are listed in that edition of the Search Engine.

Effective Regional Search Engines Service …

Hence, for a French edition a search would mainly list documents from France. This eliminates the problem mentioned above. The only caveat being that the whole process is manual. Directories such as Yahoo, LookSmart, and Open Directory make use of this process.

Domain Filtering automatically segregates websites from different countries into their respective regional editions. This segregation is done on the basis of domain names. For instance a website from Australia would generally have a domain .au. The Domain filtering mechanism looks at the domains of all websites and creates a country specific edition listing.

Some Search Engines also have region specific editions which contain listings from the whole of that region. As an example: A French edition of Google may also return German or Spanish websites in some cases.

Domain Filtering has a drawback though. This mechanism can only filter out websites based on the domain name, and hence .com is always considered to be a United States website. This is obviously not true. Many websites from other countries also have .com domains.

Maintaining A Local And Regional Site

Domain crawling is probably the best solution for maintaining both a main site and a regional version. With domain crawling the regional listing is far more comprehensive as compared to the other mechanisms explained above. Some pages, although regional may be listed in the main listing as well. Read More …

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