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Which type or kind of painter do you want or wish to be?  all depends on on your focus and target you pull on your day-by-day Activities towards your achievement. Get more free are Lessons Near me;

Free Art Lessons | Best Online art Classes with Certificate

Free Art Lessons

The more you know the better you will become as an artist. For over 20 years, my mother taught many students the art of painting. She spent hours going over lighting, shading, and focal points. She taught about centering the eyes of the face instead of
sticking them in the forehead.

She explained color theory, paint mediums, and different brush strokes. She taught anyone who would listen. There were only two years she taught professionally. All the other times the lessons were free. She would say a gift is a gift. You do not charge someone to perfect a gift, you teach them to use it. It was perfect when God gave it to them.

There are other artists who feel the same way. Many different classes are offered on line and in the local community which are free. Here are some of the ones which are on the Internet.

Art Graphica – John Hagan Lessons  or 

Expert Village This is probably one of the best because from a drop down menu, there
are many on line videos with free access.

Creative Spotlight 

You will find there are many others available. These should give you a great start to painting on canvas. There are lessons on using every medium. Each of them is from a different perspective because each is from a different artist.

The local library in your area and some other organizations usually have free art lessons at different times of the year. Check in the local paper to determine if there may be an organization offering free classes. You should never pass up the chance to learn about art.

As you learn, do the same for others. Never forget to pass on the lessons you have learned in your experience as an artist.

Free Art Lessons | Best Online art Classes

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A Big List of Free Art Lessons on YouTube 

Best Online free Art Courses 

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