Top Free Job Posting Sites For Employers (2020 New List)

Are you an Employer? here is the list of Free Job Posting sites for you to post for open Jobs and More Employees will apply with complete requirements on the go.

Are you an Employee?  Here is a list of free Job posting sites for you to Apply for any kind of job you want be it your dream jobs or not Here you make you free Job Application and get your employment letter on the Go once your requirements are complete.

Get more on free Job Posting sites;

Free job posting sites allow employers to post jobs free and still reach a large audience effectively. There are still a number of free job Companies  that have a free posting option, that can bring you great candidate traffic. Our list below will help you pick the best free site to post jobs on for your business.

A lot of job posting sites that have been listed as free in the past have converted to paid in recent years. We reviewed all the best free job posting websites and made sure that these are up-to-date and actually free for 2020-2021 Job Recruitment section.

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The list of free websites to post jobs is much smaller than the number of paid job boards simply due to the fact that it is hard to grow a job board if you offer mostly free job postings for employers. Still, Indeed was able to build a billion-dollar business on the back of free job advertising so don’t discount the value and power of a free job listing.

A free job post site may just be the best place for you to find that amazing next employee.

How to Post Jobs Free and Make Successful Hires:

How to Post Jobs Free

List of Free Job Posting Sites 2020:

Our RankFree Job Posting SiteDescription
1.Indeed Highest traffic job board in the U.S. Allows totally free job postings, with the option to boost visibility with pay per click ads. It is often the first place businesses go to post job ad for free.
2.Glassdoor High traffic, and attracts great candidates because of its prominent employer rating system. Allows 10 days of free job listings. It is often ranked as the best place to post jobs for free. Glasdoor is a welcome addition to our free job posting sites list.
3.Google for Jobs Your jobs can be included in Google search results if formatted correctly.
4.Jora Free online job postings are available on Jora a relatively new free job posting site. By offering free job posts for employers Jora is looking to build a similar business to Indeed.

One of the top free places to post jobs. This site is run by the National Labor Exchange, and helps you to quickly post to state-run job boards. is one of the most reputable free job sites for employers.
6.FlexJobs One of the best free job posting boards, but you’ll need to apply to post jobs there. Offers unlimited free postings if you’re approved.
7.Ladders Another great place to list jobs for free online. Offers a free tier, and paid postings to boost applicants, much like Indeed.
8.Learn4Good A goldmine among free places to post jobs, this free job post site lets you post up to 20 for free over 6 months. Post all 20 at once if you like.
9.JobiSite One of the truly free job sites that states that is free, and always will be free to post jobs there. If you only want to post free job postings online then this is one of the few free ways to post jobs online.


While you can’t post a job for free here, you can search for potential candidates on your own and get in touch with them for free, if your network is big enough. While not normally consider one of the best free job posting websites for employers it is actually a very effective way to hire employees for minimal cost. The name of the company says it all. Go to their site at and find out how to post a job for free. As one of the first free job post sites it ranks well on Google for many job searches.
12.Job Spider One of the easiest to use and completely free job boards for employers – no paid tier. Great place to post a job ad for free or post free help wanted ads.
13.Upwork One of the top free job posting sites for employers that people don’t often think of. It’s geared toward the freelance/remote market, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it to track down local hires.
14.Jobvertise This site won’t let you post free job ads, but it will let you browse resumes for free, up to 10 per day. Tiered pricing plan does allow for posting and reviewing more resumes.
15.Angellist Totally free job postings that tend to reach people in the tech/startup world.
16.Wisestep General job board with an unlimited free plan.
17.ActiveHire General purpose job board offering free job posting for employers.
18.Techfetch Offers a free 7-day trial. Job board primarily focused on the tech and startup niche.
19.AngularJobs Job board for angular developer positions. Offers a free 7-day trial.


General job board. Offers a 90-day free trial for up to 100 job postings.
21.Hubstaff Talent Job board focused on remote hiring. Offers totally free job posting. This site helps you find employees for free by letting you submit a feed of your jobs from your website to their job board automatically.
23.Hound General job board. Offers 14-day free trial.
24.Scouted Offers free job posting, but you pay for each candidate you hire.
25.Switch A job posting app with a free tier. Tech-focused.
26.Square Hire General job posting site that includes a free posting tier.
27.Smartly General job posting site that uses a mix of human and artificial intelligence to make matches.
28.Workpop  General posting site that offers a 10-day free trial.
29.Veteran Jobs Gateway Free site to post jobs for veterans.
30.Handshake Free job posting, focused on student talent.
31.Anthology Free job posting. Focused on skilled, experienced talent in major metro areas.
32.Startupers Free job posting, focused on hiring for startups.

What Most People ask about Posting Jobs for Free:


Below here are the frequently asked questions from people about the posting Jobs online and still on this page is the Answer to all you need to know;

Where can I post jobs for free?

Start with Indeed (probably the best job site for employers) if you are not completely sure which free job board is the most relevant for your industry. Also look at other free job board posting sites in our list which we recommend as the best free places to post jobs. There are many free places for online job posting for employers but only a few really deliver great candidates.

Is it worth using free job posts?

You have nothing to lose when you post jobs free online other than time. Free online job posting sites have been shown to perform as good as many as the paid job boards so just because they are a free place to post jobs does not mean they are not visited by quality candidates.

List of Free Websites for Employers to Post Jobs:

  1. Indeed.
  2. Jora.
  3. Glassdoor.
  4. Upwork.
  5. Flexjobs.
  6. Learn4Good.
  7. Job Spider.

What are some of the best free recruiting websites?

Free job recruiting services include Indeed, Upwork, Flexjobs, and LinkedIn. On Indeed, Upwork, Ladders and Flexjobs you can post jobs for recruiting, and LinkedIn and Upwork work as free recruiter sites as you can browse through many potential candidates. Free job listing sites have been around since the Internet began so are a valuable addition to any hiring strategy.

Are there really free places to post jobs?

Yes, start with Indeed, and consider setting your site up to use LinkedIn for Job Posting or Application. If you want to post jobs free in real life, try going to your local job services office, posting flyers in high traffic areas where your ideal hires hang out, and contacting local college career centers.

I have no budget to hire, where should I start?

A popular free website to post jobs is Indeed. You can also create a careers page on your company website and send the jobs to LinkedIn for Jobs and to get lots of free applicants to see them. Knowing where to post free job ads will save you a significant amount of money when hiring new staff. Luckily there are plenty of places to advertise jobs online for free.

Shop window Job Posting without Employees. What You should do?

There are several free sites to post jobs as an employer looking for where to list jobs for free, including Indeed, which is the busiest site in the world right now for applicant traffic. You may also want to consider posting to Flexjobs, Upwork, Job Spider, and JobiSite and other top job posting sites.

Top 8 Best Places to Post Jobs for Free:

  1. Bulletin boards at local colleges.
  3. Coffee shop bulletin boards.
  4. Local job bank.
  5. Post a flyer in company vehicle windows.
  6. Post fliers at all your physical job sites.
  8. Search for free local classified sites.

How do I create a free employer job posting?

Employers can make a job posting for free at, Flexjobs, Upwork, and other free recruiting websites. Employers can also post free at most college campuses, on some high school campuses, on public bulletin boards, and with government job services. Also consider asking other local businesses “Where can I post a job opening for free?” as you may find smaller, local, newspapers and bulletin boards that have worked well for them.

I just started my business and need to hire fast and cheaply. What do I do?

Free websites to post jobs include Flexjobs, Indeed, Glassdoor (with a free trial), Learn4Good, Job Spider, and Upwork. Often you’ll see a button on these sites that says, post job free. Free places to post job openings also include social media, like Facebook. Free job websites are launched daily offering every business ways to post jobs online free but many also get very little candidate traffic so can often be a waste of your valuable time.

How do I Post Jobs for Free Online:

There are a number of places to post jobs for free online. You can set up your current careers page to work with Google for Jobs and, which will then post them free automatically. You can also go to sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Flexjobs and manually enter your job posts.

We are a non-profit with no budget for hiring. What do you recommend?

Post free jobs online by sharing them on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, free to post job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, Flexjobs, Upwork, or Learn4Good. You can also post jobs free on a company careers page, and set it up so that Google for Jobs indexes your jobs and displays them in search. The best free job sites to post jobs will often offer a paid option or sponsored option to boost your free job ad posting.

Where to Post a Job for Free Online:

  • Indeed.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Glassdoor.
  • Flexjobs.
  • Google for Jobs.
  • US.Jobs
  • Indeed.

We need to hire a lot of people to meet the Christmas rush. What do you recommend?

You can post jobs for free online with job boards that allow employers to post free jobs, such as Indeed. You can also post jobs free by sharing them as social media posts on Twitter or Facebook, and asking employees to share these posts as well. The best free job posting sites for employers in USA are Indeed and Glassdoor. Be aware, searching on Google for “where to post job openings for free” will show many sites that are not actually free employer job posting sites.

Where to post help wanted ads for free?

  1. Indeed.
  2. Glassdoor.
  3. Jora.
  4. Facebook.
  5. Twitter.
  6. Flexjobs.
  7. Learn4Good.
  8. Upwork.

I am about to hire my first employee. Where should I start?

Some of the best free job boards to post jobs are Indeed, Glassdoor, and Flexjobs. Upwork also lets you post jobs for freelancers, and Google for Jobs is one of the most interesting free job portals for employers as will show your postings inside Google search.

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