Herbal Medicine Cabinet – How to make Natural Medicine Cabinet

make Natural herbal Medicine Cabinet

We are here to give you a complete guide on how to  Natural Herbal Medicine Cabinet;

Before we begin here are some things we have for you. The Herbal Medicine Cabinet overview …

The Herbal Medicine Cabinet

Do you know what? …

No book on herbs would be complete without looking at some of the herbal remedies which are being use(d) today. Many people are finding traditional medicines less favorable to the herbal remedies being offered.

There are fewer allergic reactions. Herbal medicines  have fewer, if any, side affects. There are even some doctors who are prescribing herbal remedies when other medications just are not working.

Meanwhile, There is a strong warning which goes with this information and This information is for general reading and knowledge only. This is in no way present(ed) as medical fact. Under no circumstances should any person add any of the herbal remedies described in this chapter into their diet without first consulting their physician.

Women who are pregnant or nursing and small children should never use any type of herbal remedies unless specifically prescribed by their doctor.

There are all types of old wives tales about herbs that cured coughs and colds. Some people will talk about Grandma’s tonic that cured what ailed them. These are the herbal remedies that many people still use today.

How to make Natural Medicine Cabinet …

How to make Natural herbal Medicine Cabinet

Things like jewel weed to help relieve poison ivy or rose hips to add vitamin C are simple remedies that have been used for years.

There are many herbs which have some powerful healing properties. These herbs can help with allergies, rashes, and other ailments. Some of the herbs you find growing in the ditches and even in your own back yard can be useful for treating common problems like coughs, bee stings, and sore muscles.

There is always the possibility of an allergic reaction to any form of medication, whether prescribed, over the counter, or even natural herbs.

This is why it is always important to speak with a medical professional before you decide to try any type of self medication with natural herbs. Just as some people are allergic to things like milk and strawberries, someone could be just as allergic to Valerian or burdock.

In defense of the natural herb remedies, some of them seem to work better than the prescribed medications. Clove oil can relieve a toothache as well as any gel you can buy. Chamomile tea works wonders as a sleep aid.

Peppermint can help with heart burn better than some anti-acids. When you start researching herbal remedies you may be surprised what these little weeds can do for your health.

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Here are common herbs and what illnesses they can help.

Allspice Mouthwash, pain relief
AniseSeeds boiled and added to honey to relieve cough
Basil (pregnant women avoid)Tea for migraines. Douche for yeast infection
CarawayRelieves menstrual cramps, promotes menstruation
CayennePepper Relieves arthritis pain (can drop your sugar level)
CelerySedative, hypertension, kidneys
ChicoryDissolves gallstones, cleans the liver
CilantroPrevents food poisoning
Clovetoothaches, helps curb alcoholism
FennelBad Breath
GingerThins the blood
HorseradishChest congestion, sore muscles
LicoriceBalances the nervous system (long term use hurts liver)
OreganoFever reducer
MintHeartburn, stomach aches
Nutmeg Indigestion
ParsleyBad Breath
PepperFever Reducer, toothaches
SageInsect bites, stings
TarragonInsomnia, depression

Although these herbs  are list(ed) as helping with the ailments, any use
should first be analyze(d) by your physician. Read More 

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