Hult University Global Generation Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Students in 2020/2021

Hult University Global Generation Scholarship Program

Hult University Global Generation Scholarship Program 2020/2021 for Undergraduate Students is available for you to start your Application in other to join merit List of Applicant your gain Approval:

Hult University Global Generation Scholarship Program

Meanwhile, there lot of  in-tell you have to Followup with this Registration for your Application to gain instant Approval in matter of Hours After your Application and all you need to maintain during your Registration are:

  1. Maintain single profile
  2. Use of legal and Correct details
  3. Ask questions
  4. Review your Application for Corrections
  5. Start your registration before deadline

Description of Hult University Global Generation Scholarship Program

Just as you should know there a lots of Benefits and protocol guiding this Application and there are the in-tells:

Application Deadline: 15th September, 2020.

Country (Abroad Study): USA

Type: Undergraduate

Eligibility: The Scholarship award is for incoming students with the highest potential.

Selection Criteria: Global Generation scholars are characterized by their open-mindedness, cross-cultural experiences, and ability to recognize diversity as a strength.

Number of Awards: 3

Value of Award: For the 2020-2021 intake, recipients of this scholarship receive $5,000 USD or £3,500 GBP each academic year. This translates to $20,000 USD or £14,000 GBP over 4 years or $15,000 USD, or £10,500 GBP over 3 years.

Students may only be awarded one of the six $5,000 scholarships available excluding the DECA scholarship.

Duration of Programme: Every year

How to Apply:

To gain approval for the Global Generation Scholarship, you must submit a 400-500 word essay or 2-5 minute video. Your submission should demonstrate your global mindset by illustrating how your international experience or multilingualism has impacted your personal outlook by answering one of the following questions:
How has your global experience/multilingualism contributed to who you are today?
How have your multi-cultural experiences affected your future ambitions, and how will studying at Hult support your aspirations?

Note and Recommendation:

You have to Apply from the official website as in the detail Here.

Meanwhile, Once you have all it will take to gain Approval, the Application will give you all Need to Fill and get instant Grant on the go and these details can give you all you On how to Apply and gain a full scholarship Sponsorship today.

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