Investors Visa USA Application – How to Apply Now For USA Visa

Today, there are available visa for those investors that are wishing to invest in the United State of America “USA”.

Meanwhile, this authorize document enables the investors to enter the territory;remain in and also leave the country.

Investors Visa USA

Investors Visa USA Application

Although, the document has a duration when it has to stay before approval. Before now; we know you will be worrying to get every information you may need to know about investors visa USA.

But here in the page, we are assuring you a competent and genuine information you need to known about it.

Investors Visa USA Application Table of Content

Here below are the ingredients that makes up this page.

  1. What Is EB-5 Visa
  2. Requirements For Investors Visa USA.
  3. How To Apply For Investors Visa USA.
  4. Investors Visa Countries.

1.What Is EB-5 Visa

EB-5 is an authorize document that is designed to issue  for every eligible immigrants investors to become a lawful permanent residents-normally known as Green card.

However, The investors has to map out a strategic place or area for their involvement.

Investors spouse and their unmarried children of the age 21 are allow to obtain the visa  that enable the to invest in an empowerment area.

2. Requirements For Investors Visa USA.

For you to roll on this document purchase, you have to keep the authorize requirements intact. Now this will enables your eligibility base on the EB-5 visa.

Note, for u to enroll for business in the united state, you have to engage follow that means you should not enroll int the business with below $500, 000 and $1 million in the united state of America.

furthermore, It will be very wise if you know the pros and cons of an EB-5 when you have this secured with you, it will help you a lot in teams of going to invest in the country.

♥) Pros[advantages] Of EB-5 visa.

For  EB-5 visa  applicant, you is eligible both the families to live, invest, study work and also retire anywhere in the united state of America.

  1. USA visa do not need requirement sponsor.
  2. you will secure citizenship after minimum of 5 years for permanent resident.
  3. Having the freedom to live and work anywhere in the united ed state of America.

♥) Cons[disadvantages Of EB-5 Visa

  1. Most people find it no easy for the perm ant resident requirements.
  2. Every USA green card holder, most declare his or her worldwide income and assert  in USA for tax purposes.
  3. The minimum investment requirement, this should be higher like; $500,000 rather $200,000.

3. Step By Step Guide On How To Apply For EB-5 Visa

  • First step; You have to determine where and how you want your investment to be.
  • Second step; petition I-526 has to be filed
  • Third step; you ought to apply for lawful permanent residence or adjustment.
  • Fourth step; apply for an unconditional permanent residency
  • Fifty step; Citizenship.

Meanwhile, here are the detail on the steps you need today to secure a Visa to USA

First step;

You have to determine where and how you want your investment to be:

On the first step, you need to find the profile of the company you want to invest for.

Second step;

Petition I-526 has to be filed:

The first petition for green card, the best thing you do is to sick for an assistant from a lawyer in the united state to you for completion the form.

Third step;

You ought to apply for lawful permanent residence or adjustment:

Meanwhile, Once the United state approve the investors petition,  now he will immediate apply with his family for permanent resident.

Fourth step;

Apply for an unconditional permanent residency:

Here the united state will give you a condition, for the year to make the investment.

Fifty step;


For you to be eligible to apply for citizenship in the united state of America, you have to send the minimum period of five 5 years  as a permanent resident.

4. Investors Visa Countries.

Here below, are number of the countries that offers citizenship to immigrant investors.

  • Belgium.
  • Cyprus.
  • Portugal.
  • United Kingdom.
  • United State.
  • Canada.

In Summary

For you going into those countries that offers citizenship, via an investment you have to ensure their requirements is intact. and you have to be ready to send the minimum period of 5 year with permanent residency.

Finally, To qualify as an immigrant investor, a foreign national must invest, without borrowing, the following minimum qualifying capital dollar amounts in a qualifying commercial enterprise:

  • $1,000,000 (U.S.)
  • $500,000 (U.S.)

Meanwhile, in a high-unemployment or rural area, considered a targeted employment area. Immigrant Investor Visas – – US Department of State

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