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Psychological Immune Scheme review

Developing a healthy body is developing a high functioning psychological immune scheme. Truly, developing a high functioning psychological immune scheme is even more crucial to developing a healthy body than even a great many of the physical factors.

This is true as our thoughts create our truth. Even if you do every thing right on the physical level and the psychological immune scheme isn’t functioning right this will compromise your body. So let us now explore what I mean by developing a healthy psychological immune scheme.

The Brain

This starts with every morning getting up and claiming your personal power and putting on your mental, emotional and spiritual armor, love and atonement. Just as we put on physical apparel each morning we have to likewise put on mental, emotional and spiritual apparel every day.

Healthy Psychological Immune SchemeThis starts with putting on your personal power, then your semi-permeable bubble of protection, then your unconditional self-love and self-worth.

Some of the other most crucial attitudes to put on are to have preferences rather than attachments, viewing things as lessons, non-judgmentalness, and forgiveness to name simply a few.

The other most crucial attitudes to claim is that you’re the cause of your truth by how you think.

Part of this understanding is to totally own that each feeling and emotion you have is caused by how you think and not by any individual or condition outside of self.

Our Psychological Immune Scheme

That your thoughts not only produce your feelings and your emotions but likewise your behavior and what you attract, magnetize and/or repel in your life. It’s this attitude of being a cause rather that being an effect, a master instead of a victim, which likewise makes you invulnerable.

When you fully own your mental and emotional invulnerability and that you cause your truth and may demonstrate this in your daily life you have a healthy psychological immune scheme. Through the procedure of self inquiry this means each time a damaging thought tries to enter your conscious brain you push it out and deny it entrance and rather replace it with a favorable attitude and/or feeling.

If you let the damaging thought form in your mind you’ll be mentally and emotionally sick and hence have a weakened psychological immune scheme which won’t aid weight loss. If this carries on over time this is the initial cause for actual physical viruses and bacteria and fat to form too.

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The same principal applies to negativity coming from others. This is why it’s essential each morning upon arising to affirm and visualize that you’ve a semipermeable bubble of light around you that protects you not only from others but likewise gives you a particular degree of detachment and protection from your own subconscious.

So this protects you from your own subconscious and from others and outside negativity. The bubble is semi-permeable as it allows in positive energy but keeps out any and all negativity. This is the proper balance that’s needed to stay psychologically centered which may aid in weight loss.

The ideal is to make your mind and emotions reflect this aspect of self instead of being over-identified with the physical vehicle which, really, is the definition of what the negative ego thought system is about.

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