The Best App to Control your PC – Frequently Ask Question PC Remote

Get it well Done than Said about The Best App to Control your PC and More these issues are PC Remote Frequently Ask Question for better usage and Management, on this page, you will learn more than you Need free.

Frequently Ask Question PC Remote

 PC Remote Frequently Ask Question and Solutions

With our daily researches, PC Remote remains the best Smart Mobile to PC controller which have been in existence for a long time now. Moreover, we have many other PC Remote Controllers on the Web but we have genuine reasons why we single-handed picked PC Remote to receive for you Systems to Mobile Controlling.

List of PC Remote Frequently Ask Question

However, below are the list of PC Remote Frequently Ask Question and The Solutions to them one at a time on this page Too …

How can I Connect My device to PC?

Please, Make sure your smart Device and The PC are in the same Network, if you are not sure, try open the command line on the PC and Ping your Smart device’s IP address.

Why Can’t I connect my device to PC?

Most of this Situation was caused by the Firewall on PC, please add PCRemoteReceiver.exe to the Whitelist to allow it use Network if you don’t know how to setup Whitelist of your Firewall try to google it or Just shout it down to restart the PC and try again.

How to Edit the Excited Layout?

Long Press the Targes Layout icon and you will see a dialog with the edit button.

How Can I connect the PC without Notice?

Enable stealth mode in setting(Require VIP Right). Warning: Its use is at Your Own Risk!

Do you Know What? … the Follow PC Remote Frequently Ask Questions above are very well answer(ed) from the Offical PC Remote Portal. Please, kindly do as you are Told because somitech is the part of PC Remote Developers.

PC Remote Download Mobile Links your Need

On this paragraph, you will download the latest version of PC Remote for your Smart Phones First before you then, get the PC Remote Receiver for your PC device also … Get them now for any Kind of Device you make use of now…

  • Available on Google Store
  • Download APK文件(v6.0.0)
  • Available on the Apple Store
  • Available on Windows

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