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I will be taking you today on Review Products a secrete you should learn to earn more money Blogging for Cash ⇑⇓ online. Here is what we have for you as an Affiliate Marketer⇑⇓;

Review Products Overview

Some bloggers do not participate in paid reviews and product inclusion because it can be misleading if you do not state that you are being paid for your testimonial or recommendation. If you feel as though reviewing products or recommending them to your readers without disclosing that you are being paid is dishonest, then the practice is not for you.

Review ProductsOn the other hand, if you think the products you review are worthwhile and are worthy of mention in your blog, what better way to make money then sharing these products with your readers.

There are a few different websites that will connect you with companies that will pay you to include their product or service in your blog. The pay ranges per assignment and you may be required to write a few sentences about a specific product or a few paragraphs, or even a whole blog entry.

Generally your blog has to receive a good deal of traffic to get accepted by these websites, and depending on how much work you do for them payment can be slight or substantial. If you want to try your hand at reviewing products for payment, check out these sites:

Creamaid –

While this site is not solely dedicated to reviewing products⇑⇓, many of their opportunities are for posting your opinion in your blog for payment. Different “conversations” are started on the site and you pick the ones that look interesting to you. Some require you to review a product or website in your blog and other require you to post comments elsewhere; of course you can always include a link to your blog which will bring it more traffic⇑⇓.

Reviewme –

This site is dedicated to connecting bloggers with companies who want reviews written. You submit your blog and if it is accepted, companies will request that you write a review for them depending on the content of your blog.
Reviewme⇑⇓ states that you get paid between $20 and $200 per review. Your blog does have to have a minimum
number of readers to qualify but you can always resubmit if it does not meet the criteria the first time.

Pay Per Post –

Pay Per Post is similar to Reviewme. You submit your blog for approval and when it is approved you can start reviewing products and websites in your blog for cash.
Pay Per Post has a market place where you can pick which opportunities you want to write about and payment
varies according to the assignment you choose⇑⇓.

Sponsored Reviews –

This site lets you submit your blog and then pick from a listing of review opportunities or lets companies contact you directly and request a review. Payment varies by assignment.

Smorty –

Smorty is all about providing your opinion in your blog about an available advertiser’s campaign. You may not be reviewing a product per say, but you will be giving your opinion. Your blog has to be indexed by Google, older than three months, and have at least two new posts per week.

Review Products Summary

Posting your opinion or review for advertisers is a good way to make cash from your blog. You should remember, however, that like affiliate marketing⇑⇓ blatant attempts to advertise to readers does not usually work as well as naturally including a review or opinion in your blog.

What More do you need to be Successful Affiliate on the niche Market⇑⇓? …

Affiliate Marketing⇑⇓ a way to blogging for Cash today.

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