Significantly Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales Using a Best Seller List

How best can you and and I Significantly Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales on the go with the best and secure Amazon Affiliate Marketing strategies;

What steps do you need to Significantly Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales?

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Significantly Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales Using a Best Seller List

Significantly Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales

Many people have turned to the Amazon Affiliate program because of the potential revenue opportunity it offers. However, just a many do not understand how they can significantly increase their Amazon affiliate sales and increase their commissions exponentially.

That well kept secret is the ‘Best Seller List.’

The actual technique isn’t new. Many businesses will create a ‘Best Seller List.’ The music industry and book industry have been doing it for decades. Amazon does it too! Feel free to think outside the box here and create your own Best Seller list. This list can be posted on your blog, in your articles, or among your content on your website.

Why Best Seller Lists Work Well

Your bestseller list should contain 6 to 10 products in your category. You can have one or more categories.

* Consumers love to be part of trends. They hate being left out.

* We claim we are unique individuals, but the truth is we are social creatures and we want to know what others are doing.

* We are by nature lazy and so we love short cuts to find something that appeals to us.

* There’s a certain kind of wisdom that occurs in crowds. We like to see what’s happening in the crowd.

Results of Your Best Seller List

There are several results you can enjoy from your bestseller list.

* Sales – Each time you produce a list you should see an increase in your sales on Amazon. Of course, that’s assuming the list links to the item on Amazon.

* Conversion – While conversion rates vary, you should enjoy a conversion rate that was higher than prior to your list creation.

* More Commission – A higher conversion rate means more sales, and more sales mean more commission owed to you. And it potentially has the ability to increase your commission rate from 4% to 6% since you are required to only sell 7 items for the jump to occur.

How to Increase your List Longevity

This is an effective technique but you want to get the maximum time out of your list. You don’t want to have to be changing your list weekly as this requires time. A better option is to choose items for your list that will stay popular at least for a 4 week period.

Some items will have even a longer shelf life. Take advantage of it!

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