Devices: Simple ways to keep your device(s) healthy

Having Healthy Devices: Simple ways to maintain the health of your phone and laptop to last longer, Most of the time many people complain that they cannot have a device for a long time in their hands…


The reason being that, whenever they have simple devices it easily spoils and they don’t know why? Their simple rules that guide the sensitive devices, but many people are ignorant of it, therefore, lose their device easily.

What you must not do with your laptop and phone devices.

  • Do not plug the laptop/phone on the light from night till morning
  • Do not plug the phone or laptop on the light while using it on a high contrast
  • Do not just dump it, It  needs regular maintenance
  • Do not handle the laptop/phone loosely  protect it
  • Understand the laptop/phone software requirement
  • Do not use a charger that is not compatible with the laptop/phone
  • Do not keep the laptop/phone devices in a dusty environment

What you must do, to make the life of the laptop last longer  

  • Handle the laptop/phone with care
  • Unplug the laptop/phone once it is fully charged
  • Use the compatible charger to charge the device
  • Keep the laptop/phone clean
  • Service the laptop/phone regularly
  • Install the software that is compatible with your laptop/phone
  • Do not overtask the phone it may result in the hanging of the laptop /phone
  • Adjust some power setting in the laptop/phone to regulate the performance of the device

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Causes of quick damage to the laptop/phone devices

Most of the time we don’t take much care of our devices, forgetting that laptop/phone devices are fragile electronics. the saying that there is time for everything, many people operate on their device when cooking, driving, playing, etc.  which endanger the life of the device. Bearing in the mind that the laptop/phone may fall into the water or on the ground. The device is easily damaged but costly to fix, to experience the long-lasting of your device one must be careful with the device

  1. Keeping the laptop/phone in a dusty place, it can cause the processor fan to hang or block the air vent of the pc.
  2. Letting the laptop/phone to drop into the water, many people don’t know that the devices that they use are not waterproof, therefore, they go along interacting the laptop/phone with water, which spoils the IC.
  3. Many people use their phones to stone somebody. forgetting that the phone is not a weapon or sword, so handle the device with care.
  4. Using the incompatible product to charge the devices, many people use different types of the charger to charge their devices, it is not every charger that fit the port of the phone/laptop that is compatible with the phone.
  5. Most of the time, it is important to regulate the  temperature of the Device

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