The Health Zen – Spiritual Lessons on Losing Weight in Few Days

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The Health Zen Overview

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The Health Zen – Table Of Contents

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Behind The Message ⇑⇓

Using Several Concepts In A Row ⇑⇓

Our Psychological Immune Scheme ⇑⇓

Manifesting ⇑⇓

Concrete Tips & Wrapping Up ⇑⇓

Foreword on The Health Zen

There’s no magic bullet that will make you slim down without trying. No particular diet that lets you eat a big amount of food and drop pounds quickly. No ab-machine or exercise bike that you see at three fifteen in the morning on an infomercial is truly going to make that much difference to you.

We all know the secret to slimming down, right? Eat right, exercise more and keep a favorable attitude. Yes, we all know that. If you ever had a weight issue though, you know it’s not truly that simple.

Eating right is hard when you’re facing steady hunger, when every food that’s good for you tastes atrocious and you’re racing full speed ahead from the minute you wake up till you hop into bed at night making fast food really tempting.

Exercise is time consuming and hard, occasionally it may even be downright terrible! As for that favorable attitude, well that’s relatively easy. Once you get past the hunger pangs and the sore muscles, the fact that you have not eaten anything that you like in a week and a half and have worn blisters, in places better not mentioned, on that bike seat.

After that remaining positive is a piece of cake. Well, no, I guess it truly isn’t.

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