Top 10 Best Free Email Service Providers You Will Love (Updated)

It’s not all about having an email Address but the Truth lays on having or Choosing the best from the Top 10 Best Free Email Service Providers which is what we have to give you on this page;

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In spite of the social network buzz, email still remains the core of business communication on the Internet. As such, it is just important to evaluate the best email services available and make a choice that suits your need. Many people are just complacent with the best free email service provider they currently use.Best Free Email Service Providers

The Top 10 Best Free Email Service Providers

In spite of occasional hiccups and challenges, the ignorance of other free powerful email service providers keeps them glued to just one or two. You should consider the offerings of other free email service providers online to decide whether to switch or retain your current free email service provider.

In good email services, you should watch out for an effective spam filter, enough storage space, user-friendly interface, mobile access and maybe the availability of a desktop client. If you haven’t attempted to explore other free email services, this may be a starting point for you. In this article, we have tried to highlight a few of the important features that may concern you.

The List of 10 Best Free Email Service Providers

Here, we shall look at 10 solid email services that you should consider if you are planning to switch email service providers.

1. Gmail

Gmail is arguably the best free email service provider at the moment. The Gmail is simple and user-friendly. It offers over 10GB of free storage, has excellent spam filter and enables access via mobile devices. Its built-in chat allows voice and video chat as well the regular chatting by text. It offers search capability to find lost or old messages. Also, Gmail messages are grouped nicely with relevant replies such that you can read messages in the context.


Gmail also offers customized email service for businesses, individuals and organizations. Once you can prove a website belongs to you, Gmail helps you manage your customized email (yourname@yourcompany, and you can even host it on their server. Mail.Googl(Gmail) is among the Best Free Email Service Providers Today.

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2. Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is aimed at professionals on the Best Free Email Service Providers today. It features calendar, task manager, notes and instant chat as well as other business app found in Google apps for business. It is easy to set up and manage. Impressively, Zoho mail does not display adds to protect your privacy. Email messages are not even scanned for keywords for the purpose of marketing.


You can opt for their free Lite Plan that features 5GB mail storage per user, push mail, mobile sync and email support. You can register only one domain name on the free Lite Plane, and your email address will appear as username@your

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3. (Reinvented Hotmail) is the new, reinvented email service. It builds off the power of Outlook on PCs and Macs, and it features more tidy user interface without display ads. It is built based on the latest trends in Internet communication.

You can connect with social networks from inside your email account, integrate skydrive which include Office Web Apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.


Here’s a full review of

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4. offers most of the important email features that you might be thinking about. Most importantly, you can select the email domain name that will suit you best from over 200 domain names e.g.,,,,, and so on. However, the default one is


They provide unlimited email storage capacity and you can attach up to 50MB of file in one attachment. You can also set up your email to receive and reply all your emails from this one address. They also provide mobile support. You can use your email on BlackBerry, iDevices and Android devices. You also have online calendar to use.

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5. Yahoo! Mail

The new Yahoo! mail stands among the best free email services available on the web and mobile devices. They offer unlimited email storage, social networking, instant messaging and SMS texting.


You can view slideshows, photos and videos right from inside your mailbox. You can send up to 50 files or 100MB file size in a single email. Your messages are automatically sorted, and lower priority messages like newsletters and coupons are organized into folders.

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6. GMX

GMX is not so popular, but it offers quite reliable email service. Spams and viruses are well filtered . It provides unlimited email storage and allows up to 50MB of attachment. You can manage all your email accounts using their email collector. You can manage your emails on the web and mobile.


They make use of SSL encryption to protect your email from spam and viruses.


7. Fastmail

You should also consider using FastMail. They have been online for 10 years now. They boast of reliable junk mail protection, temporary secure SMS passwords, web folders for photos and files and much more. Their free or guest plan offers 25MB email storage, IMAP and 120 days inactivity time.


8. Hushmail

Hushmail is another lovely email service you should put into consideration. They allow up to 25MB of free storage on their free account. It is well integrated with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and other mobile devices. You can also integrate outlook to your Hushmail.


They boasts of strongly encrypting all emails for adequate security.

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9. provides 5GB free storage space for your emails. You can easily change the layout of your inbox with their drag n drop tool. You can also select RSS feeds that suits your need.


They offer free online photosharing, calendar, tasks and notes as part of free offers aside their free email service.


10. ShortMail

Think of Shortmail among the Best free email service providers as your private Twitter account. All emails are limited to 500 characters, and attachments are not allowed. Messages are expected to be concise for faster, more effective communication. It works on iPhone, Android and other mobile apps.


When you make a choice, be sure to explore all the options available to you so that you can make full use of their capacity. We would like to see your opinions in the comments section. By Sarah Hanks 

Other Best free email services providers

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The list above are for the first 10 but more are still on the list of best free email service provider;

  • The Yandex Mail 
  • Web Mail 
  • QQ Mail 
  • Rediffmail 

Thanks and enjoy free email services!

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