Updated Microsoft Cortana for Android, Windows and iOS Devices Daily Usage

Such a Digital Assistant ” Microsoft Cortana ” for your various Mobile Platforms ‘Operating System’. Why Developed for Microsoft Device first? It’s Quite Cool for you can still download Microsoft Cortana from Google Play which is an Android App store also On iTunes Store which holds all Apple Mobile and PC Software including for Mac and iOS.

Microsoft Cortana

Meanwhile, we all have had the rapid demand of Microsoft Cortana which this Page give you a full intel for Mobile Base cortana software for all popular Mobile OS like Windows, Android and iOS. Isn’t that cool? … Here are more on Cortana Mobile App;

Worry Not for Here is what I have for you; What’s this Page about? …

Get me deam Right! On this page you will learn the need for Cortana, Microsoft Cortana Activation and More on how to make use of Cortana. However, Cortana is a very helpful Mobile and Windows PC App by Microsoft as the Developers and Managers of this App it works free with all Microsoft Windows Operating System. You can Check out these Hidden Features with Cortana inclusive;

Top Irresistible Hidden Windows 10 Features & Cortana Functionalities

Cortana has More Unique Feature to most of the Microsoft Products and Services which you can gain access to Using an Active Microsoft Account. Here are Cortana Funtionalities which you should know on the go with cortana;

Before we begin, here is a question I have for your. How best can you Stay on Top of Work and Life with your Personal Assistant? Work Made easier. Right?…

Cortana is the best Microsoft Digital Assistant just as Google Assistant is from Google even Google Allo still can Help you too.

On Top of Work with Cortana is Fast, easy and Fun for your assistant is right there with you always

Across your Device and Wherever you are the Digital assistant Cortana! keeps track of the Important Stuff for you all times.

Best to stay Connected with Microsoft Cortana for a smarter Digital assistant.

More of these are what you will Enjoy Using Cortana Assistant:

Support you More by Giving Reminders, Keeping Notes and list.
Smart assistant for pickup and delivery reminder based on location.
Using office 365 or Outlook.com; Cortana will always be there to suggest commitment scheduling which you have made in your Emails.
Smart Voice assistant
Cortana keeps an eye on your Calenddar.
Microsoft Cortana is truly a smart and digital assistant.

How To Activate Microsoft Cortana

Once you’ve Downloaded and installed Cortana on your device, Here are some other steps you need to take;

1. From your Device App Menu, Tap on the icon to Start Cortana Configuration.
2. Tap on Agree button, Why? this will give Cortana App access to all personal Information, including Location.
3. Tap to save as default Cortana assistant App when you are prompted
4. You should also grant Cortana access to Everything and all your files (like Videos, Photos and Music), Calendar, search history, camera, email, microphone and more. With these files it will send you Notification.

Finally, you should know that for you to activate Microsoft Cortana you must long-press home Shortcut button and if you must login which is compossary it must be with Microsoft Account. Meanwhile, the account registration is free of Charge in case you wish to create a new Cortana Account by Microsoft.

How To Talk To Microsoft Cortana

Say “Hey Cortana” to get her attention once you open the App which you can talk to through your Phone’s Mic. She’s listening is the prompt that will let you know whether you got her attention. Now should say, “Open Chrome” or “How’s the Weather?” and see what she offers you with. However, if Cortana doesn’t hear your request Reason maybe there are too much Background Noise. Do this, Tap the microphone icon inside cortana App and Make your request again. Are you in Meeting? thus, can speak load to cortana, simply type your Query or request.

Learn more on how to speek to cortana with these few Commands:

  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Open Facebook.
  • Set an Alarm for two hours from now.
  • open Messenger.
  • Add a meeting apointment to my calender for Tomorrow at 12 p.m.
  • open contact.
  • Open Xender.

How Best Can you Use Cortana?

You Must get Started with Cartana by Tapping on the App icon to Launch. Now, you can speak to communicate with Cortana. However, there are available icons behind the scenes which are alternative options to work with her. Besides, these options e.g All reminders, new Reminder, My Day, Weather, Meeting, etc. there are still more other option which you can get access to by swiping left. Thus, these option changes over time.

Need more icons? Tap the Square doted Menu button beside the App to See more options. Futher configuration will be done as you want but you can as well head back to the main working interface once you Tap the Back button to see prevouse interface.

Love these icons which I found in your Version of Cortana:

Reminders: The Best assistant you should get must be the one that Watches your back at all time. Cortana still remains unbeatable as a Digital mobile assistant. She can remind you to do things like go to meet, buy a birthday presente, amd more depending on how your schedule are arranged even when you forget cortana doesn’t.

My Day: On My Day icon, Cortana provides information she believes you need the most through your Day like News Headlines, Weather, Places to meet, Appointment and more of such. Just as time passes Microsoft Cortana learns more about you for her better service of the Day.

Meetings: Activities with Events matters a lot Keep up with the Time of Appointment and there will be no Disappointment. Cortana is the best on this as she keeps an eye on your Calendar App and list your meetings from the first to the Last according to the time.

Sincerely speaking; there are many other Features which you’ll access and Enjoy better once you Tap on Cortana Square Doted Menu Now!.

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