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What Are Tangible Affiliate Products?

On this page, you will lean the best List of Tangible Affiliate Products and how to identify and pick one by one as a niche you wish to Affiliate on.

The Tangible Affiliate Products

Tangible products are physical products similar to those you can purchase in retail outlets, such as DVD’s, golf clubs, vitamins, handbags, clothing etc. Affiliate programs that allow you to promote physical products can be found almost anywhere online.

With Amazon you can become an instant dropshipper and instantly start earning affiliate commissions in no time.

Thousands of savvy online marketers promote products via Amazon and make a lot of money with very little effort.

You can go to Amazon Store Associates for more information on their affiliate program.

What New on Amazon?

Tangible Affiliate ProductsAmazon is an excellent example. They sell millions of products such as books, exercise equipment, DVDs, lawn mowers, bicycles, and even groceries.

Amazon also has an affiliate program which allows you to promote most of the products they sell through their site.

Do you Know? Any time someone purchases a product via your affiliate link, you receive an affiliate commission.

As an affiliate you have the option of creating your own Amazon Store where you can promote various tangible products.

Now while Amazon doesn’t pay affiliate commissions for everything they sell, they do for most.

As mentioned earlier, the physical products that they actually ship to the customer are known as tangible goods, and when you promote them as an affiliate you’re simply promoting physical products instead of digital downloads.

There are thousands of merchants online who also sell all types of conceivable tangible products, and many of them have affiliate programs you can join.

Tangible Affiliate Products Profits Blueprint

One of the major benefits of promoting tangible products, either instead of or in addition to digital products, is that you effectively increase your product line.

Instead of being limited to just 10 digital golf products to promote for example, you can literally start promoting many hundreds of products to increase your affiliate income.

List of Tangible Affiliate Products & Sites

One note, an affiliate network is a company that runs the affiliate tech for other vendors… Like how ClickBank has hundreds of different vendors you can promote…  All with 1 ClickBank account⇑⇓.  You will see a couple GREAT networks listed below with hundreds of companies and millions of products you can promote once you are accepted!

  1. Amazon  – It’s free to join and Amazon has one of the largest online marketplaces selling just about everything. There’s plenty of opportunities here earning you anywhere from 1-10% in commissions.
  2. Avantlink  – Avantlink is an affiliate network that can get you access to hundreds of affiliate programs that offer physical products.  From Backcountry.com to REI.com and many more, they are the dominant force in the outdoor goods space but have programs in the beauty supplies, home-goods and many more.  Programs range from 4% to 50% commissions.
  3. ShareASale – Another affiliate network that offers many programs and vendors in the physical goods space, but also software programs, digital downloads and more.  A reputable network with hundreds of affiliate programs you can join for free!  Commissions range from 4% to 60% commissions.
  4. Walmart – Walmart’s slogan has become a household phrase, and because they’re prices are so competitive there’s not as many high-end items for you to commission off of. They still beat Amazon in a couple departments, not by much, but some. Earned commission is anywhere from 1-18% with business & personal checks being their highest.

What are Tangible Affiliate Products Sites? 

  1. CJ – This used to be called Commission Junction and is one of longest running with both professional affiliates and advertisers. They’re both a marketplace and retailer with a lot of big brands associated with them.
  2. Ebay – Their commission rates are 50-70% on auction fees, offering a vast variety of products.
  3. Target – With a commission rate ranging from 1-8% and a cookie duration of 7 days, Target is another great alternative to Amazon, although there product selection isn’t as large.
  4. Jet – They sell just about everything, if not everything as far a physical products goes. Their commission rates are 2.5%.
  5. BodyBuilding.com  – Here you can find industry experts, and is a great fitness market. Leading new customers will earn you 15% commissions while returning customers will earn you 5%. Each cookie however is only per transaction. Bodybuilding programs⇑⇓.
  6. GNC – Many are familiar with GNC as a major supplemental supplier. They use Pepper-jam to handle the back of their program. Commissions earned on a 45-day cookie is up to 12%.
  7. Microsoft – Commissions are not very high here, although there are exceptions on higher commissions for some products in comparison to Amazon. They offer 5% commission on Surface and 2% for video game consoles.
  8. Petco – This is quite large pet goods supplier. Their cookie length is 7 days with an 8% commissions on products.

More on Tangible Affiliate Products & Sites

It’s true that most there are many Affiliate Programs on the Web today juts as the list above is a list of top 12 Sites you can affiliate with but you have really have to make a choice of which and why you have to choose any of them.

Do you know what? … Here are list of serial guide for you on Affiliate marketing and Blogging for Cash.

Resource for Tangible Affiliate Products

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Enjoy your Affiliate programs and I wish you success in the Niche market .

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